Thursday, 2 July 2009


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All the information you'll need about how to enter and our glamorous panel of judges can be found here We'll also be updating this blog with news and info as we go along. Add us to your favourites and sign up to RSS to make sure you're always up to date.

The Momiji Couture Contest was launched at New Designers in London last week. Thanks to all of you that stopped by and said hello.

Our stand at the show was a triumph! It was created by Zoe and Mat Murphy who did an amazing job. They've also worked with us to create flyers and posters for the contest (if you'd like one to spread the word, just let us know.)

Here are a few shots of us setting up. Sorry they're a bit hazy we took them on our phones, but Mat took some great pictures on his posh camera so we'll get those up as soon as we can. Zoe and Mat screen-printed up amazing blocks of colour and pattern aswell as jumbo buttons and scissors.

Here's Zoe fixing up photographs of Royal/T in LA where our top ten finalists will have their dolls exhibited.

Zoe's best handwriting...

Check back for more news very soon!

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