Friday, 7 August 2009

Creative Profile: Veronica Rowlands

During the course of the Momiji Couture Contest we'll be keeping your creative juices a-flowin' with profiles of some of our favourite designers. While we were at the New Designers exhibition we had an amazing time chatting with all the students and graduates about their work and their inspiration.

First up is designer Veronica Rowlands from Swansea Metropolitan University in Wales. Veronica's work caught our eye immediately with its sumptuous colours and decadent fabric. We chatted with her about how she took inspiration from old toys and vintage dolls and gave them a new twist with contemporary colour and digital printing. Veronica's illustrations and prints would make amazing fabric for clothing, in fact she's already working on a neck scarf collection for Mission Gallery in Swansea. We think this girl's going to go far!


  1. Hi this is Veronica, if anyone is interested in my work please contact me, my email address is:

  2. It looks like you have made lots of effort and you are naturally gifted but all the work looks a little "eccentric" for my taste.

  3. V, it's Xander. I am so proud of you. Your going to go so far. They have said some wonderful things about you and your work - I'm in libe for one of your new scarves!! Can't wait. xx

  4. well done Veronica - we always knew you were fabulous! Keep it coming.
    love Georgia at SMU

  5. hey von its sophie taylor here _____ i love the style and designs , ill love something made . so i can walk around bristol wearing it! x

  6. Hi Veronica,

    Thanks for sharing this with us on facebook. We love your designs - colourful, cute and unusual!

    Tatty Devine

  7. Loving the work, keep a eye on to keep up to date with the latest designs!!!