Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sew-It-Yourself Revolution

According to Grazia, sewing machine sales at Tesco are up. Our favourite fashion weekly tells us that the superstore sells two machines every minute, which is an increase of 198% on this time this year.

This is a great example of good stuff coming from the "current financial climate" (although it does seem a shame that the big supermarket chains even get a bite of profits generated by the wholesome world of crafting.)

In our next post we'll be looking at crafting spaces - the corner of your home you devote to getting creative. If you'd like share your sewing zone with the world then drop us an email to claire@lovemomiji.com and we'll be in touch. Especially if you've got a sunny orange sewing machine like the one above! Bet you can't get those in Tesco.

Image via Ramonah

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