Monday, 30 November 2009


Hello everyone!

First of all we want to say how flabbergasted we were by your talent and dedication to the contest. It may sound cliched but we really were overwhelmed by the response. It's obvious that hours upon hours of love and dedication have been poured into the entries and we really can't thank you enough.

Just to give you an update on what's been happening since the closing date...the judging panel got together to study every single entry and awarded points to their favourites. At the moment we are finalising all the details (it's a pretty big job we had so many entries.)

Check back here next week for a timeline of what happenes next, we'll have lots more news then.

For now we'll leave you with a picture of the legendry Barbara Hulanicki at our judging meeting...



  1. YEAY! Can't wait!

  2. *oooh exciting*
    Just wondering, I know you said that entries can't be returned and then you updated this to say that they could in 2010 that only the winning dolls or is it possible to have ours back if we don't win or get placed?

  3. updates at