Thursday, 10 December 2009

We'll be announcing the winner...

...on December 21st at 4pm on the Momiji blog. That's the day the exhibition will begin at Royal/T and the short-listed dolls will be unveiled for all to see.

Now that our new site is up and running we'll be putting all Couture Contest info up over there so make sure you check-in for all the news.

Big love to you all!

Momiji x


  1. Of course, the T&C said you would be notified by email if your doll was shortlisted, so you should already know by now if your doll is going to Royal/T, right? There shouldn't be any suspense except for those ten people to see if they won. Then I wonder- What's going to happen to all the other dolls? Do we wait a year to have them mailed? And if the judging took place on Nov 20th, how did all those American dolls make it over there in time when Nov 16th was the deadline? Were they express mailed to the UK?

  2. agree with the above...

    how about sending an e-mail notification before the exhibition starts?

  3. Hello,

    We're working as hard as we can to notify everyone of what's happening next, we hope you'll appreciate that it's a big job and we need to make sure everything is done fairly but efficiently.

    By the end of this week everyone who entered should have been contacted by us, either by email or regualr mail.

    If your doll hasn't been chosen by the judges to be displayed in Royal/T then we've set up a system to get it returned to you. We'll be sending out details of how it will work to everyone this week. You won't have to wait a whole year ;)

    Just to be clear about the entries from the USA. Yes, they were express mailed to the UK and all the dolls were in front of the judges on 20th November.

    Hope this helps - but feel free to email us with any questions you may have.


  4. Hi, you're links to the new blog are not working. Will you post the blog address?

    Also I have friends in LA who would like to come to the opening... What time for that? Thank you!

  5. Fixed the links...sorry about that! Not sure what happened.

    We'd love your friends to stop by! Royal/T is open from 10am so if they drop by any time after that they'll be able to see all the dolls.